Clear Aligner Treatment

The Clearaligns system is a virtually invisible and hygienic cosmetic orthodontic treatment that uses an innovative approach to effectively straighten teeth. The Clearaligns system uses a series of custom-made removable aligners created for you and only you. These aligners are made of a virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth to gradually move them to the ideal position. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them, allowing you to keep your lifestyle during treatment.
Once you and our Clearaligns dentists agree that Clearaligns treatment is right for you, our partnering dentist will take photos, X-rays, and either impressions or a scan of your teeth. These records will be used to make a 3D treatment plan, which will be used to design the custom-made Clearaligns aligners. This 3D treatment plan will also show your likely final tooth position at the end of the treatment. Your custom-made Clearaligns aligners will be produced and then shipped to your door (Express Treatment) or to one of our partnering dental clinics, who will then give you a series of aligners, typically 3 to 4 sets at a time. You will replace each one approximately every 2 weeks until the final position of your teeth is reached.
The "Express treatment" suits those who have had braces before and their teeth have moved – or they just minor crowding or misaligned front upper of lower 6-8 teeth. (average treatment time 4 to 7 months) after your first appointment to have your 3D scan you will be sent your custom made aligners and you will not be required to visit the dental clinic again. The "Lite treatment" suits those that have moderate crowding or misaligned front upper or lower 6-8 teeth. Fitting & supervision appointments is required by our dentists. (average treatment time 6 to 8 months) The "Flex treatment" suits those that require more complex crowding or misaligned teeth. Fitting & supervision appointments is required by our dentists. (average treatment time 10 to 12 months)
The treatment is fast. To give you a time frame we need to access your teeth with a 3d scan and check how much treatment is required, however as a general guide the range for treatment is between just 4 to 12 months.
Your custom-made Clear Aligners will be ready for fitting approximately 3 weeks from the date of your 3d scan.
You may have probably seen or heard of “Invisalign” aligners, which are very similar "Clearaligns" aligners.Invisalign are designed as a replacement or alternative for traditional braces and will treat front & back teeth, Clearaligns are a much more cost effective cosmetic solution and are designed to straighten your upper and lower front 8 to 10 teeth.
Beware: Most So called ‘take home’ aligner products have no dentist supervision, require no dentist check up prior to starting your treatment and only "treat" the most simplest of cases. In moderate to more complex cases dentists are required to do essential clinical procedures like IPR (space creation through polishing), and crucial aligner attachments to help successfully manage your tooth movement.

Clearaligns Partnering Dentists

Our Clearaligns partnering dental clinics are trained in 3d scanning, fitting and supervision of clear aligners. At your first visit a Clearaligns Dentist will take a 3D scan of your teeth, X-rays and full dental check ( all included in price) which is pain free and takes less than 30 minutes. These scans are then assessed by our licensed orthodontics team, who will prescribe a treatment plan specific to you. If you are assessed to be a "Express Treatment" candidate that will be the last time you'll ever need to visit a Clearaligns Dentist. If you are assessed to be a "Unlimited Treatments" you will visit our Clearaligns Dentist every 6-8 weeks to monitor your progress.
Our Partnering Dentist Clinics are located across most major cities in Australia & New Zealand. See our Locations page

Treatment Procedure

All patient treatment plans are assessed, designed and reviewed by our Australian dental and orthodontics team, so you're in safe hands!
That's the beauty of our technology. Before you even start the treatment, you will receive a 3D simulation video of how your teeth will shift over time, at each aligner stage. We will only manufacture your Clearaligns once you have agreed and are satisfied with your treatment plan after viewing the 3d simulation video.
Simply follow the user-friendly directions by wearing your aligners 22 hours a day, and maintaining good oral hygiene. If you do that, you will see great results.
Giving you perfectly straight teeth is always our goal and we pride ourselves on our success rate, but it’s impossible to give 100% guarantees simply because there are crucial aspects to the treatment outside of our control – including your full co-operation by following the treatment guidelines.
No, it does not. Clearaligns only use clear aligners to straighten your teeth


It's all here on our pricing page There is also payment plan options to make it even more affordable. With leading edge teeth technology comes unbeatable value. "Express" treatment is for light crowding and alignment for upper & lower teeth the total cost is $2,350, with treatment taking between 3 and 5 months. "Lite" treatment is for moderate crowding and alignment for upper & lower teeth the total cost is $3,750, with treatment taking between 5 and 8 months. 'Flex" treatment is for more complex crowding and alignment for the upper & lower teeth the total cost is $4,950, with treatment taking between 8 and 12 months. All prices are inclusive of your dental exam and X-ray, 3D scan, and any subsequent dentist monitoring appointments.
We accept credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard ). We also provide a monthly payment option through Zip money, Afterpay, Humm, Openpay that starts as low as $45 per month for 24 months. Your exact monthly payment will be determined based upon your payment plan of 12 , 18 or 24 months, but even though you're paying monthly, you'll always get all your aligners in one upfront shipment.
Yes, the advertised pricing includes you 3d scan, 3d simulation video, Dental check up & any X-rays needed and ongoing customer service, with the "Flex" treatment all supervision appointments at our partnering Dentist and ongoing customer service is also included in the advertised price.

Other frequently asked questions

12 years and above with all their adult teeth. Anyone under 18 will need parental consent
At the moment Clearaligns services Australia & New Zealand only


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