Terms & Conditions

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1. All treatment will be provided by our selected Clearaligns partner Dentists, Hygienists and nurses where appropriate.

2. Clearaligns Pricing:

a. Express Case upon approval:

Express Case - $2,350 Total Payment

b. Lite Case upon approval:

Lite Case - $3,750 Total Payment.

c. Flex Case upon approval

Flex Case - $4,950 Total Payment

3. I consent to Clearaligns that upon the successful completion of my 3D scan, I am bound to the agreed full fee schedule of payment/s being $2,350 for Express Treatment, $3,750 for Lite Treatment and $4,950 for Flex treatment.

4. Please be advised that for any additional dental treatment that is needed and agreed upon with the Clearaligns partnering dentist, payment must be made to the dentist on the day of treatment.

5. Patients with existing untreated tooth decay, cannot receive clear aligner treatment until this is treated.

6. The partnering dental practices usual fees applies for general dental treatment if treatment is necessary and agreed upon.

7. If you are not suitable for Clearaligns treatment after your 3D scan, any one-time full upfront payments or Deposits will be refunded.

8. If any additional refinement scanning is required a $150 fee is payable directly to Clearaligns.

9. Any additional Aligner/Retainer trays will incur a $150 fee payable to Clearaligns per tray.